Nothing less than empty air
Choking my every attempt
At taking in some semblance
Of that thing just outside my grasp
The nameless thing
Tasteless nights
Like ancient dusty clouds
So dark and ominous
Convincing me there is no place
For that nameless thing
That elusive being
Always just beyond my grasp
I embrace the night
Darkest corners my cocoon
My only respite
Until i caught a glimpse
A light, a shape
That was your face
Felt an unselfish embrace
And that nameless thing
No longer a void
Air tasting sweet as the sound of your laughter
And your breath against pale skin
I recognize that light
And fight for the courage
To escape the shroud of memories that held me bound
And face the growing glow
To recognize the light that is you
So certain
The night is ours to share