I stumble through time and every plane
The fog never lifting
Only adds to this pain
And time, so elusive
Days into years
They alter perception
A lifetime of tears

Memories like visions
Drowning pool, low tide
They measure the heartaches
The laughter, the ride
Destination unforgiving
Unspoken words lost
Reachable boundries

Take my hand and lead me home
Open my eyes to the fear of alone
For there is no tomorrow
Only now, this to share
And though parting is sorrow
Its pain I can bear

A test with no answers I cheat none the same
Expecting to recognize
Give credence to my shame
And bow to the endless
And suffer the loss
Leaving footprints at crossroads

Gripped by a passion, a neat package tied
An endless abyss
Contains all the lies
Embalmed among the living
No fear of the dead
Embracing a destiny

Take my hand, I will show you this day
We’ll clear every stone that hinders our way
For we have no tomorrow
Only tonight if we dare
And if parting brings sorrow
Its a pain we will share