3121To my followers and each and every person that makes time in their (I’m assuming) chaotic lives, to read anything I’ve posted. I know I have been amiss when it comes to updating this blog, but what might just light the proverbial fire under my posterior would be if some of you would leave ME something to read. I’m not campaigning for likes…even negative feedback is always welcome 😀 Of course a little less than positive ones but it helps tremendously to know who you are…what you like or don’t.

That said, I plan to do some housekeeping over the next few days, weeks?…especially regarding photos and quotes. I get pretty sick of the same old same old I can imagine it’s not helping me get readers. In addition, feel free to submit anything you feel you would like to see here, whether it be your own work or that of a friend. And if ANYONE knows where I can find Dark, Gothic, and/or Creepy themes that are still available, PLEASE let me know. There will be a prize for the person whose theme or recommended theme I use. OK maybe not a huge prize, but I think I still have a few granola bars around here somewhere. Or yogurt? Everybody loves yogurt, right?

Lastly, I would like to start a new menu option for music I would like to recommend or review. If you are in possession of any music you would like to submit, and it’s original I will gladly post it and offer my review and reviews of others. If it’s not your work but simply something you would like to share feel free to do so.

I (not so) patiently await your feedback and submissions, and thank you again for stopping by!

Walk in beauty…

Misty Dawn