This poem was “given” to me in dreams on 2 consecutive nights. It came in the “voice” of my beloved cousin George Miller, the first just hours after his passing from this world. I was unaware he was gone until the second night when he visited me with the 2nd verse. I wrote it exactly as I heard it, and it wasn’t until after I had put it all together that I realized each line contains 3 syllables, a structured way of writing far different than my usual “stream of consciousness” style. After reading over it I realized that the line “Coyote sings” was 4 syllables, but in the same moment I again heard his voice say no it is pronounced ky’-ote.


I first posted the above on February 19, 2014. Soon it will have been a year since we shared our last laugh. And I have missed you every day since. I love you beyond words. Thank you for this gift. Sleep well Sweet Prince.

~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In loving memory of a brave warrior. He fought long and hard to stay here with those of us who wanted SO very much to keep him. But he had a full if far too short life, and was a blessing to all who knew him. And even now, if you listen closely you will hear his words echoing on the wind as he closed his eyes, “It is a good day to die”.

For Sue and Donovan Miller

Desert sky

Eagle’s flight

Coyote sings

Deepest night

Journey long

Fallen trees

Shed no tear

Spirit free


Faith is strong

Sons await

Loving arms

Heaven’s gate

I am here

Lonesome Dove

Bound as one

Endless love