Borrowed Time


There is no other day

So put those dreams away

Because no one truly cares

Or is willing to share a journey

An unknown destination

Where no one rides for free

Besides, why must you scurry

Towards an end that holds no surprise

For it is only through my eyes

This sunrise holds a promise


(“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery”)


Who taught you not to stray

To paths with unfamiliar ways

Forgive, forget and do as you will

For we all hold a license to kill

But never regret and never expect

We shall meet again in better days


(“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery”)






The Color of Truth

Where once darkness my only solace
There now resides the hidden hues
Shades of promises never revealed
Until i recognized them reflected in your eyes.

Shadow Self


Sleepless nights alone
Time I spend on my own
In shadows kept
Days and weeks blur
Into years of learning
What love is not
I follow my shadow self
Thru the ruins of my mind
And time spent yearning
For a place to belong
For the perfect song
To do more than simply exist
So I persist
Knowing I am made of more
Than this pain

Twist her


Chasing love is a lot like chasing a storm. The thrill of the ride into something so unpredictable and the uncertainty of the ultimate level of intensity and direction is intoxicating. But it is my belief that a truly lasting commitment can only be recognized in the calm that follows. Only under a tranquil quiet sky will we see clearly the path that leads us home.



I stumble through time and every plane
The fog never lifting
Only adds to this pain
And time, so elusive
Days into years
They alter perception
A lifetime of tears

Memories like visions
Drowning pool, low tide
They measure the heartaches
The laughter, the ride
Destination unforgiving
Unspoken words lost
Reachable boundries

Take my hand and lead me home
Open my eyes to the fear of alone
For there is no tomorrow
Only now, this to share
And though parting is sorrow
Its pain I can bear

A test with no answers I cheat none the same
Expecting to recognize
Give credence to my shame
And bow to the endless
And suffer the loss
Leaving footprints at crossroads

Gripped by a passion, a neat package tied
An endless abyss
Contains all the lies
Embalmed among the living
No fear of the dead
Embracing a destiny

Take my hand, I will show you this day
We’ll clear every stone that hinders our way
For we have no tomorrow
Only tonight if we dare
And if parting brings sorrow
Its a pain we will share

Nameless Being


Nothing less than empty air
Choking my every attempt
At taking in some semblance
Of that thing just outside my grasp
The nameless thing
Tasteless nights
Like ancient dusty clouds
So dark and ominous
Convincing me there is no place
For that nameless thing
That elusive being
Always just beyond my grasp
I embrace the night
Darkest corners my cocoon
My only respite
Until i caught a glimpse
A light, a shape
That was your face
Felt an unselfish embrace
And that nameless thing
No longer a void
Air tasting sweet as the sound of your laughter
And your breath against pale skin
I recognize that light
And fight for the courage
To escape the shroud of memories that held me bound
And face the growing glow
To recognize the light that is you
So certain
The night is ours to share

Le Bete


Sweaty sheets, bodies meet
Hands glistening with your glaze
Heady thoughts, moist and hot
Trembling, screaming, biting rage

Bring out the beast in me
That part only you can see
Dip your wand and drink from the well
Of my desire

Breathless speech, silent screech
Panting like a puppy in the heat
Raking nails, banshee wails
Tasting, strangling, breaking free

You bring out the best in me
I kill you with ecstasy
I open my eyes and watch you drown in the well
Of my desire

I’ll bring out the rest of me
For you and the world to see
And leave you face down in the well
Of my desire

Altar of Roses


We are two
Yet one
I breathe you in
Surrendering to shadows
Too soon erased by truthful light

I am whole
But splintered
I seal my fate
On a rose petal altar
Too quickly consumed by mourning light

One story, a riddle
A mobius strip
With no questions, no answers
No time to know time with you